Keep an eye on what 

is important to you.

Doors and windows closed? Temperature ok? No leaks?

  • Everything on your smartphone

  • Superfast notifications

  • Easy installation

  • Inexpensive sensors

Everything on 

your smartphone

  • Ready for iPhone and Android.

  • For you. Your family. Your friends.




A door opens at home and you instantly receive a reminder on your smartphone. Worldwide. Anytime. Magic.

Easy installation

No complicated manuals. Only 4 simple steps, a few minutes of your time and you are done. Just have a look at our short video.

Inexpensive sensors

Windows, doors, temperature, water, and motion. And a camera as your eyes, when you are not at home. Up to 5 years without a battery change. Everything at fair prices. More information in our sensor shop.

Communicates with 
Alexa, Siri & Google

"Alexa, is my home ok?" "Your home is ok."

Home OK supports the standards of Apple, Amazon, and Google. And if you want to control the whole Internet, we speak IFTTT, too.




As a member of the beta testing family, you will be able to use all Home OK features 3 months for free. You will receive the Home OK starter kit that includes the secure gateway, 3 x door/window, 1 x motion, 1 x temperature, and 1 x water leakage sensor. All we would appreciate is a little commitment from your side. We would love to receive feedback from you on a regular basis. Where did you struggle, what can we do better or what did we do well already? 


Please note that the test program is limited in time and that the number of beta testers is limited.